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OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal management framework helping companies focus on the things that matter.

By aligning teams, departments and individuals, OKRs provide a framework for measurable strategic outcomes to stretch and motivate, improving performance and growth. Progress is tracked and realised in a regular, repeated cycle of target and achievement.

In this OKR Session, I will provide a comprehensive overview to the audience to the method that originated at Intel, were taken up by Google and are now the goal setting tool of choice at many well-known multinational enterprises. In addition to understanding the theory, you will be given the chance to design your own initial OKRs in a helpful practical way.

I will carefully guide you through the processes necessary to help ensure the successful implementation of your OKRs.

Covered in our workshop:

  • An Introduction to Objectives & Key Results as a Goal setting framework
  • The Origin and Precise meaning of Objectives, Key Results and Tasks
  • OKRs’ Superpowers: Focus, Alignment, Stretching Ambitions and Tracking
  • Why do OKRs work?
  • Why does your company need them?
  • What does an effective objective look like?
  • How to set and review OKRs?
  • How to develop effective key results
  • Choosing the best metrics
  • OKR Case study examples, best practices and common pitfalls
  • A Practical Workshop to create bespoke OKRs
  • Essential preconditions to rolling out OKRs in your Company
  • Weekly/Monthly Quarterly cadence of activities
  • CFRs: Conversations, Feedback and Recognition
  • How to position and present OKRs in your Company
  • The role and importance of the OKR Shepherd

Was lernen die Teilnehmer*innen in der Masterclass?

  • They will learn anout the most used goal setting framework in silicon valley abd tech giants which is called OKRs.
  • They will learn how to define and design OKRs for their teams and individuals.
Rutuja Joshi
Rutuja Joshi

Rutuja is an Agile Coach with wide range of experience in coaching multiple agile teams (Internationally as well as Domestically). She...

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