Iterate on Agile. (Re)clarifying our understanding of agile as an organization

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In the last five years, Solarisbank grew from 50 to almost 500 employees. Especially in the last year, topics such as Organizational redesigns, inter-team collaboration, or scaling agile across the whole company changed the nature of tasks for the Agile Coach team. One way of categorizing the company's development is, that Solarisbank evolved from being a “Pioneer” to become a “City Builder” within a short timeframe, while operating in hypergrowth.

Being confronted with all kinds of new challenges, we as the Agile Coach team saw the necessity to zoom out and reflect what this means for the agile growth path of the company.

We saw the need to clarify the understanding of agile at Solarisbank and create a common baseline for our work.

In this talk I am going to illustrate, how we (re)clarified our understanding of agile as an organization, share its traps, our learnings and the outcome. Join me on this fun and inspirational journey and let me share with you, if it was worth it.

Stefano Sostak
Stefano Sostak

Stefano Sostak arbeitet als Senior Agile Coach für die Solarisbank. Er unterstützt das Unternehmen seit 2017 und wirkt maßgeblich an der...

45 Minuten Vortrag


27. Oktober






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