Agility in highly regulated organizations - a transformation journey

In a world that is transforming rapidly, agile management and digital skills are key to successful implementation of state-of-the-art portfolios and implementation of programs in international development organisations. Leaders need to adapt to new leadership and agile management styles to keep up to the speed and nature of digital transformation in the public and private sector. Specialists need to understand the impact of digital transformation and conventionalize the impact in “their” sectors. Advisors need to apply the principles for digital development to advise partners on sustainable solutions in digital transformation.

By this input, we will take you on a transformation and learning journey from a “classic” international development programme that has now transformed into a holistic approach to digital transformation in international development (case of the Digital Center in Tunisia). We will show how the leadership and the teams have learned and transformed jointly with colleagues, partners, start-ups as well as the digital ecosystem by building up and applying skills, competencies and methods like adaptive leadership, agile management and self-organization. The key hypothesis is that agile transformation of teams in highly regulated environments such as public (development) enterprises can successfully be realized by engaging in and advising of digital transformation processes of pour partners – and we will show you how this can work!

Key Takeaways

You will deep dive into a transformation journey of a “classical” international development programme in a highly regulated public enterprise to an agile programme on digital transformation in the public sector.

You will have the opportunity to reflect on how agile leadership and management can be adapted to context of a public enterprise in an international, multi-cultural and volatile context.

You will experience how leadership and teams can learn and transform jointly with colleagues, clients, start-ups as well as external experts and networks by developing and applying agile skills, competencies, and methods (such as adaptive leadership, agile work method, /self-organization,) in the field of digital governance.


Consulting Companies (private/public sector), Agile Coaches, Out of the box thinkers and doers

Philipp Schwoerer
Philipp Schwoerer

Philipp Schwoerer is a Senior Manager with 15 years of experience in International Development. He currently heads a unit within the digital transformation division of GIZ GmbH, a german public...

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