From startup to scale-up - leadership and OD challenges and the way through it

Working at Futurehome AS - a Norwegian IoT company delivering smart home solutions that are transitioning from startup to scaleup, I'm right at the forefront of all the challenges such organizations face in current times: 10 years on the market, old habits vs. new aspirations, the challenge of embracing international team and communication challenges, multiple locations, keeping the team spirit and utmost performance while rapidly growing, how to embrace diversity with employees age ranging from 20 to 66, how to design and redesign the organization, which processes to set up and which to let loose and many other topics. I will be happy to share good practices and lessons learned through the lens of organizational psychology and organization development science. Being a psychologist by education and an Organization Development practitioner with over 16 years of experience in tech companies in Europe, US and India, I approach traditional, non-strategic HR role in a strategic way, which it is critical to the success of the organizations. People are so much more than HR!

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how to embrace change in a fast pacing environment, what the science of OD has to offer to the agile world; what are the challenges of a scaling organization, what are the OKR's for a transformation leader?

Edyta Korona
Edyta Korona

Psychologist and Organization Development executive with over 16 years of practical experience in software and hardware companies...

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14. Oktober


transformation leaders, managers (esp. tech companies), agile coaches, HR executives






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