An agile leader constantly faces the challenge of decision making on a large scale.
In this event, that is part Workshop and part agile Game, we present the participants with a tough business challenge, where they will need to make decisions in an adverse setting.
Together we will organize ‘Agiletopia’ THE agile conference of the century and conquer major decision making points.
During this time the participants will learn about different aspects of their own decision making in the context of agility and behavioral economics.

The goal of the workshop is the comparison with a famous real life case study, by providing the participants analogoue landmarks and review those key decisions according to the use/absence of agile values.
The outcome of the case study and the decisions done in this workshop are then to be compared and discussed within the group.

Was lernen die Zuhörer*innen in dem Vortrag?

Key Learning objectives:

  • How the decisions of leaders might be influenced
  • How can agile values help them in decision making
  • Supports them in finding out how their own decision making process works
Karin Groissenberger
Karin Groissenberger

Karins way as Digital Pathfinder started back in the 80s with a Commodore 64 and lots of curiosity. Today Karin loves being Lead Scrum Master at Wirecard...

Robert Herzig
Robert Herzig

ack of all Trades - Master of None – From Developer to Software Architect to the classical Project Manager. From Startup to Free-Lancer to consultant in a...

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07. November


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