Liberating Strategy

During Agile transformations teams are often told to become adaptive and flexible - all within a clearly defined, rigid five (or more) year strategy. What’s usually lacking is an agile approach to strategy on an enterprise level. One that takes the reality of dynamic markets and an uncertain future into account and creates an environment for development teams to actually be agile in.

Some companies are aware of this problem. Their solution to it: we don’t engage in any kind of strategic planning whatsoever! How could you be more agile than that? Unfortunately, they often discover that without any direction every decision can be passed off as the right one and confusion reigns.

In this session, I would like to present a different approach to strategy-making that is based on the use of several Liberating Structures. It’s an approach that walks the fine line between rigidity and planlessness. One that includes more people than just the top executives in the creation of strategy. One that takes you from broad exploration to direct action. A Liberated Strategy.

Was lernen die Zuhörer*innen in dem Workshop?

After going through this interactive workshop the participants will be able to:

Develop a strategic narrative along six core questions
Plan for uncertain futures
Manage a product portfolio continuously
Align the portfolio with ongoing strategic work
Seamlessly go from sensemaking and planning to action
Include more people than before in developing a strategy

Christian Weinert
Christian Weinert

Christian wants to (r)evolutionize our working environment by changing how we interact. To achieve this he demonstrates the power of Liberating Structures...

Philipp Pelka
Philipp Pelka

Jederzeit einen Mehrwert erschaffen treibt mich an. Egal, ob es dabei um einen Mehrwert in der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Menschen oder bei Produkten....

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