Joan Hinterauer

Joan is actually Mechanical Engineer. But soon in his work life he recognized that he much more connects to people than to machines and technical drawings. This in mind he became a technical project manager and later a Sales Engineer trying to connect the intersection between technology and humans. In these roles he worked for small enterprises and international corporates as well. During this time in his life, he still believed in the miracle of the vertical career. Accordingly, he climbed the ladder to the top, becoming a C-level in a medium sized organization. But this lasted just for a couple of months. Why? Because he faced strange behavior from colleagues. Days before the promotion people trusted him and were talking to him openly. All that was gone just by the second he was announced to become the CSO. Instead of the desired impact he earned bad relationships with former, almost, friends. 2015 he would let the employ world behind him.

What came after that, is quite strange. Till today Joan can’t explain himself, why Amazon would have sent him a book called “Reinventing Organizations”. Obviously, he has ordered it. But why in the world would a mechanical engineer, a latest CSO in the renewable Energy industry, order this kind of a book?! In fact, this little loss of memory has turned his life upside down. The 12 stories of self-managed companies from around the world connected his brain with his heart. Never before he seemed to be so close to his purpose. Following the advice from the author, he became a Holacracy Coach, which is meant to be an out of the box solution to become a self-managed organization like described in the book. But this turned out to be just the half-truth. So, he started in 2017 developing his own organizational model together with the likeminded Gebhard Borck. With this highly individual, integrated, and dynamic approach several customers have made it in the meantime to fully self-managed organization or teal organizations, how insiders may call it. The #AdaptiveOrg has proved to support companies in different industries, sizes, and maturity levels in their successful transformation. He stands for a Collaboration1st world. He is native in German and can work in English.

Joan Hinterauer

Sessions von Joan Hinterauer

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