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In the year of the global pandemic, which we are sure everyone will remember for a long time, many things happened that we do not want to necessarily repeat, but we have the responsibility to learn from what happened and make sure we can fair as best as possible if something similar will happen again. And because it isn’t over yet, we continue being challenged by health, economical, environmental issues which are global. What did we learn in terms of leading an organization through such crisis, and adapting very quickly to the continuously changing present? How did we manage to strengthen relationships and trust without having the chance to physically meet? How are we going to lead now and in the future given the level of uncertainty that we are facing? These and other questions are probably on the mind of many of you as well, Dave Snowden and Andrea Tomasini who are going to share some of the lessons they have learned and some suggestions on what to pay attention to moving forward.

Dave Snowden
Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden divides his time between two roles: founder Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge and the founder and Director of the Centre...

Andrea Tomasini
Andrea Tomasini

Andrea is one of the founders of agile42. His background includes experience in product development, system architecture, business and strategic...

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24. November




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