The Heart of Agile for Organizations

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As "agile" moves through your organization, you need to first simplify it so that everyone can understand what is needed. You need to make it more general, so that it applies to all departments. And you need to bring into consideration organizational topics, such as collaboration across departments, employee evaluations, the role of the managers, financial rate-of-return understanding for the CFO, and so on. Simplifying agile to just four words: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve - the "heart" of agile - Dr. Cockburn shows how to do just that: simpler, more powerful, addressing entire organizations.

Die Keynote von Alistair wird live aus den USA in das Plenum des Veranstaltungshotel gestreamed. Natürlich damit auch für alle Online Teilnehmer zu sehen.

Alistair Cockburn
Alistair Cockburn

Dr. Alistair Cockburn was named as one of the "42 Greatest Software Professionals of All Times" for his work on agile development, use...

60 Minuten Keynote


26. Oktober




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