Topics at the Manage Agile 2018

The motto of the Manage Agile is "Agile Leadership", therefore we are searching for talks handling with the following issues:

  • How to set goals, measure success and motivate employees in an agile organisation?
  • How to make decisions in an agile company?
  • How to perform the change from a hierarchic to an agile organisation?
  • Which agile leadership models are working and how is the transformation process organised?
  • Which parts of Management 3.0 are linked to an agile organisation?
  • Agile as competitive advantage
  • Business aspects of agile organisations
  • Arrangement of agile contracts between customer and contractor

We are searching for talks (45 minutes) as well as interactive elements like short workshops (90 minutes) or World Cafés (45 minutes).

The Call for Papers ends on June 10th 2018. Following our advisory board will check the submitted talks and make a choice. The agenda will be published in the mid of August.

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