Call for Papers Manage Agile 2017

The Call for Papers for the Manage Agile 2017 in Berlin has started. We invite you to submit a talk about the topics listed here.

The selected speakers of the Manage Agile 2017 will receive free access to the conference (13th to 15th November 2017) and the evening events. Travel expenses or the payment of salary is not possible. A total of 45 minutes is available for the talk. The duration of the talk should therefore be between 35 and 40 minutes, depending on how much time the speaker would like to leave open to the auditorium for potential questions.

The Call for Papers ends on Sunday, July 16th 2017

Subsequent talks can’t be considered after this point.

Please enter your mobile phone number for call backs. The number is only used for communication between HLMC Events GmbH and the speaker.

We will tweet all news in the forefront as well as during the conference - the hashtag of the Manage Agile is: #ManageAgile

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