Welcome to the Manage Agile 2014

Agile project management and requirements management in practice

The Manage Agile 2014 takes place the third time from October 27th 2014 till October 30th 2014 in Berlin. The conference is splitted into two Workshop-Days (October 27th and 30th) and two Conference-Days (October 28th and 29th).

The topic of the conference is about agile project management and agile requirements management, two important supporting columns of the modern software development respectively the management of big software development projects.

The conference deals especially with the following problems:

  • How far are agile teams denpendent on an agile management?
  • How important is it to establish agile appendages also in the management?
  • How can the costumer be involved better into agile appendages (project- and requirements-management interface)?
  • Which tools do really support agile appendages?
  • How can the management monitor agile teams?

Thereto the Manage Agile combines traditional speeches with open space discussions and expert round tables.

Target audience of the Manage Agile 2014 are project manager, requirements manager, IT directors and directors of methods and practices departments.

The Manage Agile addresses management topics – no straight technological aspects. The Manage Agile should come into being a networking platform where experts and managers can compare notes yearly to establish agile themes not only inside software development but also in the whole company up to the management.

The Call for Papers is over! The submitted speeches will be evaluated by the program committee now. Following we will inform all speakers and publish the agenda about mid of July.

Thanks for the numerous submissions!



Organizer of the Manage Agile 2014 is the HLMC Events GmbH.